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70th Anniversary

Saturday September 14, 2019




Seven decades…from 1949 to 2019.  Harry Truman was President of the United States and a baseball team named the Athletics played in a place called Shibe Park in the city of Philadelphia.  World War II had ended only 4 years prior, and over the next 70 years, 12 men would serve as President of the United States.  The Korean conflict was still a year away and the War in Vietnam would not begin for another 15 years.  But in a small town called Hatboro Pennsylvania, Troop 3 was chartered to Hatboro Baptist Church.

Troop 3 was the 3rd Troop in Hatboro to be awarded a charter by the Boy Scouts of America, thus the number 3.  Troop 3 was chartered in the Valley Forge Council in Washington District.  The national number was Troop 446 and would remain that way until the merger of the Valley Forge Council and Philadelphia Council in 1996.  Troop 3 never used the number 446, but always identified as Troop 3.


Troop 3’s first Scoutmaster, Len Henryson, was an Eagle Scout…as is the Troop’s longest serving Scoutmaster Bob John.  More about him later.

Pride has always been an important word in the 70-year history of Troop 3.  Pride, as C. Stoy Weaver wrote in a 25-year history of the troop, has been instilled by its 14 Scoutmasters and the outstanding young men who have worn the troop “3” patch on their shirt sleeves.

A continuing thread of quality that has blessed Troop 3 is its Scoutmaster ranks.

Len Henryson was widely regarded as the spark plug who kept Troop 3 together through a hectic first year…a year highlighted by the Troop winning the Delmont Olympics (a competition that combined scouting and athletic skills) during the Troop’s inaugural stay at summer camp.

Len Henryson was followed as Scoutmaster by Warren Clemens, a Hatboro gun collector; Ellsworth Snyder whose son was a member of the troop and Bill Clausen, the uncle of a troop member.  Bill Clausen had been succeeded by Bob Casey, who had been troop Committee Chairman and agreed to take the post on an interim basis so that the troop’s charter could be retained.

The search for Scoutmaster #6 ended, quite surprisingly, when John G. Weand, who for many years was an active scout and scouter in Norristown, came to a committee meeting and announced that he would like to be the troop’s Scoutmaster.   The bright and quick-thinking members of the committee were quick to accept the offer.

Under Weand’s direction, the troop experienced excellent growth in membership, activities and good reputation.

There was an interesting irony in Weand’s leaving Troop 3.  As a member of Hatboro’s Lehman Methodist Church, he felt a strong sense of responsibility when Lehman Methodist experienced Boy Scout Leadership problems.

Weand was prevailed upon to become the Scoutmaster of Lehman Methodist’s Troop 81 and Troop 3 had the great fortune to have C. Stoy Weaver to take over the Scoutmaster position-if only on a short-term basis.

Weaver, an Assistant Scoutmaster at the time, said he would be Scoutmaster of Troop 3 until a more permanent successor could be found.  Stoy Weaver was a legend of scouting in the town of Hatboro as well as a much broader territory.  Stoy Weaver, Scoutmaster #7 at Troop 3, served as a committee member on the District staff and could always be found hiking or camping someplace.

Jesse Burnett, a wide-smiling Texan with a fantastic drawl was the next Scoutmaster.  Like Stoy Weaver, Jesse was an outstanding camper and was a leader for high-adventure trips to Canada and many other rugged locations.

Work assignments forced Jesse to relinquish the Scoutmaster position and he was succeeded by Hank Hudson who had two son’s become Eagle Scouts.

Scoutmaster #10 was Harry Hilger who also served as the Troop Committee Chairman and Harry was followed by Ralph Nagle who became active in the troop when his oldest son joined.

The longest running term as Scoutmaster belongs to Bob John, who served as Scoutmaster from 1972 until his retirement, 40 years later, in 2012.  A Hatboro Troop 3 alum, Bob John earned his Eagle rank in 1962 and is in many ways, “Mr. Hatboro” as well as “Mr. Troop 3”.  He is a graduate of Hatboro High School and the Villanova University Law School and currently practices law in Hatboro.

In addition to his leadership role with Troop 3, Bob has an impressive list of accomplishments in scouting, including serving on the staff of the Washington District, Valley Forge Council and Schiff Scout reservation.  He was also program director at Camp Comer in Alabama and was instrumental in having Troop 3 visit that facility in the northeast corner of Alabama near Fort Payne for summer camp.

Stuart Gentry would become Scoutmaster #13.  Stuart, a chemist and lawyer, was an Assistant Scoutmaster prior to taking the role of Scoutmaster.  He is an avid outdoorsman with three children, one of whom was a Senior Patrol Leader and Eagle Scout.  Stuart would serve as Scoutmaster from 2012 until 2015 when he and his wife would re-locate to Colorado.

In May of 2015, Bob Waeltz was installed as Scoutmaster #14 and continues to serve in that role.  His son is an Eagle Scout and former Senior Patrol Leader.  Bob was an Assistant Scoutmaster and ran the New Scout Program prior to becoming Scoutmaster.

Troop 3 Firsts

Firsts have always been a priority for Troop 3.  Tom Casey was the first troop member to attend Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico.  He attended the ranch in 1955.   The first Troop 3 contingent to attend Philmont was comprised of Fred Ewald (chairman of the 25th anniversary celebration), Bob Kay, Don Gleiter, Russ Casey, Neil Farnsworth and Tom Weaver.  They were at Philmont in 1949.  Tom Casey was also the first Troop 3 scout to attend a National Jamboree, camping with folks from across the nation and around the world in 1957 at Valley Forge.

So, what has been happening since we celebrated our 60th Anniversary ten years ago?  Plenty, but that should come as no surprise to anyone.

Camping Trips

There is always camping and adventure with Troop 3, even if the weather isn’t always what you see in post cards.  Camping and activity locations have Resica Falls, Mt. Norris Scout Reservation, Haliburton, Baiting Hollow, Yawgoog, Camp Buckskin and Goose Pond for summer camps.  Other notable trips have included; Harrisburg, Canoeing the Antietam Creek, Allaire State Park, the US Military Academy at West Point, the US Naval Academy, the Grand Canyon of PA, Cape Henlopen and Cooperstown.

Troop 3 has also gone backpacking the Quehanna Trail, whitewater rafting on the Lehigh River and the Youghiogheny River in western Pa, and visited Holtwood Environmental Center, Ricketts Glen and Worlds End State Parks as well as the Rhinebeck Aerodrome, Manassas Battlefield in Virginia and French Creek State Park.  The list could go on and on.

High Adventure

High Adventure Trips over the past 10 years are just as impressive.  Of course, there are our trips to Philmont.  We’ve sent contingents in 2010, 2012, and 2017 and we have a contingent preparing for a 2020 trek.  In addition to Philmont, there is the annual High Adventure Trip to Mt. Washington in New Hampshire.  Other High Adventure Trips have included canoeing the Allagash Wilderness Waterway in Maine and backpacking the final leg of the Appalachian Trail to Mt. Kathadin in Maine.

Good Turns

And if high adventure, terrific camping and excellent fellowship are not enough to provide fond memories of 70 years of scouting in Troop 3, the caring reputation of the troop is.  If a job needs doing and it must be done right, people in the community can always count on Troop 3.

If a good deed was needed, who else but the members of Troop 3 were there to do it?  So beyond regular weekly meetings, summer camp and weekend camping trips, there was always the knowledge that the fine young men of the community were becoming better young men and outstanding adults thanks to Troop 3 and its community presence.

And the community was always there to help Troop 3.  Since chartering Troop 3, Hatboro Baptist Church has been a tremendous support to the troop.    So have been the generous people who have supported our pancake breakfasts and Ham and Turkey Suppers and those who have bought Camp/Adventure Cards.  As much as the community was present, so to have been the parents of our scouts.  They have served timelessly and enthusiastically as leaders, assistants, committee members, drivers, coordinators, phone contacts, arrangers, dishwashers and cooks.  We could not have done any of this without all of you.

Thank You

So, here is to every one of you.  Our scouts, adult staff, committee members, parents, community members, staff and congregation of Hatboro Baptist Church, and to anyone who has ever supported the mission of Hatboro Troop 3,“We thank all of you for your incredible support over the last 70 years.”

Troop 3 – seven decades old and proud.  Proud of it’s past and excited for the future.  Troop 3 truly has been “Leading the Way since 1949.”



Tom Casey                     1957

Bill Kay                          1957

Charles Zimmerman   1958

Russell Casey                1959

Robert Kay                     1960

Dick Gerhart, Jr.            1961

Robert John                   1962

Frank Meily                    1963

Donald P. Gleiter            1963

Robert Hudson               1965

Thomas Peterson            1966

David Kutz                     1967

Robert Trent                   1968

Thomas Hudson             1969

Richard Fuller                1969

Tom Morrow                   1970

Richard A. Wagner         1970

Steven Chant                 1972

Steven M. Hammonds    1974

Glen Nagel                     1974

Gregory A. Sulat            1977

James W. Rinier             1979

Robert C. Ewald             1979

Jeffrey C. Spicer             1979

Rudolf G. Tellmann, Jr  1979

Jeffrey A. Kiel                 1980

Kyle H. Jones                 1982

Stephen E. Kiel              1983

Stephen R. Maund         1983

Timothy Stauffer            1984

Stuart W. Luce               1984

Jeffrey L. Burnley          1985

Mark Maund                  1985

Eric Baranowski             1986

Daren A. Hall                 1988

Richard Todd Lewis       1988

Jeff Maund                     1989

Norman Miles                 1989

Charles Lutz                  1989

Tim Fortunato                1989

Michael Fortunato          1990

E.P. Bock                       1990

Keith McCrary                1990

Greg Robinson               1990

Gregory Bock                 1991

Kevin Fortunato             1991

Todd Cooper                   1991

Nick Dautel                    1992

Jon Meade                     1992

T.J. Shurtz                     1995

David J. Bernard            1995

Christopher Gilman       1996

John Green                    1996

Peter J. Gramp               1996

Jonathan Pollock           1997

James A. Blowinski        1997

Russell Neumann           1997

Ryan M. John                1997

Jordan L. Broady           1998

Eric M. Wagner              1998

Chris Ryan                     1998

Michael Thornburg        1999

Dan Murphy IV              1999

Michael Applegate          1999

Matthew E. Rose            1999

Daniel S. Haddon           2000

Bryan C. Gilson             2000

Joseph V. Plakis, III        2000

Andrew M. Wilkowski    2000

Michael B. Murphy        2000

Anthony M. McCulla      2000

Mark Matthews              2001

David Meinhardt            2001

Timothy Ryan                2001

Drew Novelli                   2001

Andrew Gilman              2001

Sean O. Kelley                2001

David Matthews             2002

Andrew Matthews          2002

Christopher F. Burrell    2002

Craig W. Versek              2002

Douglas S. Pfeil              2002

James S. Topper            2002

Alex A. Field                   2003

Timothy E. Britt             2004

Colin P. Kelley                2004

Brett Fisher IV                2004

Brendan Connolly          2004

Andrew Meinhart           2005

Matthew Merenda          2005

Matthew Field                2005

Bruce McCaffrey, Jr.      2005

Timothy L. Plunkett       2006

Michael D. Sams            2006

John P. Sheppleman      2006

Michael Layton               2006

Scott S. Cunningham    2006

Joseph A. Tustin            2007

Daniel A. Field               2007

Joseph Allard, II             2007

Kyle A. Glensky              2007

Kyle R. Hallowell            2007

William J. Austin           2007

Daniel J. Thompson       2007

Andrew J. Garrison        2007

Dean W. Russell             2007

Andrew K. Pfeil              2007

George C. Fesmire          2007

Dan Plunkett                 2008

Michael L. Wilks             2008

Shawn Allard                 2008

Matthew J. Jevit            2008

Eric Gentry                    2008

Bryan Cross                   2009

Brendan B. Fisher          2009

Jeffrey W. Thompson     2009

Justin Sitasz                  2009

William R. Walls             2009

Andrew J. Yale               2009

Patrick Cero                   2009

Robert J. Waeltz, Jr.      2010

Bryan Graf                     2010

Kurt Rosenberger           2012

Joseph Moore                 2012

Ethan McCulla               2013

Matthew Sheridan         2013

Dylan Brown                  2013

Michael Balot, II             2013

Stephen Tritsch             2013

Jeffrey Dieterly               2013

Christopher Atras          2013

Dylan A. Callum            2013

Jason R. Graf                 2013

Matthew Rabii                2014

Colin Jacob Fisher         2014

Kurt Herbine                  2014

Taylor Lauer                   2014

Nickolas Kelly                2015

Brandon Gomez             2015

James V. Iaia                  2015

Nathaniel K. Ehly           2015

George Balot                  2015

Angel L. Gauthier, Jr     2015

Jacob Pilch                    2015

Richard Schoellhammer 2015

Corey D. Brown             2015

Kyler K. Grimes              2016

Ryan L. Walsh                2016

Jospeh M. Dutill            2017

Michael Jaeschke           2017

Dawson Stremme           2017

Sean Delaney                2017

David McCann               2017

Daniel McKay                 2018

Carter Miller                   2018

Ryan C. Smith               2018

Christopher Carenzo      2019

Benjamin Iaia                 2019


 L.E. “Len” Henryson        1949-1950

Warren Clemens              1950-1951

Ellsworth Snyder             1951-1953

William Clawson             1954-1955

Robert Casey                   1955-1956

John Weand                    1956-1961


Stoy Weaver                  1961-1962

Jesse Burnett                  1963-1966

Henry “Hank” Hudson      1966-1968

Harry Hilger                    1969-1970

Ralph Nagle                    1970-1972

Robert John                     1972-2012

Stuart Gentry                  2012-2015

Robert Waeltz                  2015-Present



L.E. Henryson        Scoutmaster

Joseph Carter        Asst. Scoutmaster

John Sugars           Asst. Scoutmaster

William Ritchie      Asst. Scoutmaster

Robert Casey         Committee Chair

Frank Orce            Charter Org. Rep.

Willis Welsel          Committee Member



Neil Gutekunst                1972-1973

Steve Hammonds             1973-1974

Glen Nagle                      1974-1975

Arnie Berkowitz               1975-1976

Jim Rinier                       1976-1977

Rudy Tellmann                1977

John Tiley                       1977-1978

Bob Ewald                       1978-1979

Jeff Kiel                          1979-1980

Steve Kiel                        1980-1981

Steve Maund                   1981-1982

Stuart Luce                     1982-1983

Jeff Burnley                    1983-1984

Tim Stauffer                    1984-1985

Todd Lewis                      1985-1986

Eric Baranowski              1986-1987

Tim Fortunato                 1987-1988

Charles Lutz/
Jeff Maund                      1988-1989

Greg Robinson                 1989-1990

Mike Fortunato               1990-1991

E.P. Bock                        1991-1992

Norman Miles                  1992-1993

Kevin Parker                   1993-1994

Greg Bock                       1994-1995

Peter Gramp                    1995-1996

Chris Ryan                      1996-1997

Jordan Brody                  1997-1998

Dan Haddon                    1998-1999

Matt Fisher                     1999-2000

Andrew Gilman               2000-2001

Colin Kelley                     2001-2002

Mike Sams                      2002-2003

Chris Burrell                   2003-2004

Carl Blum                       2004-2005

George Fesmire               2005-2006

Keith Sansoni/
Jeff Thompson                 2006-2007

Kyle Hallowell                 2007-2009

Matt Jevit/
Eric Gentry                     2009-2010

Robert Waeltz, Jr.            2010-2011

Chris Atras                     2011-2012

Joseph Moore/

Nick Kelley                      2012-2013

Jason Graf/
Nick Kelley                      2013-2014

Patrick Lavelle/
George Balot                   2014-2015

Ryan Walsh/
Kyler Grimes                   2015-2016

Dawson Stremme            2016-2017

Daniel McKay                  2017-2018

Daniel Lee/
Nathan Kephart              2018-2019

Manas Date/
Nathan Kephart              2019-2020



Stuart Gentry                  2015

Robert Waeltz                  2017



David W. Cooper



Fred G. Ewald

Richard Gerhardt

William Kay

Morris McFarland

Stoy Weaver

Robert M. John

Stan Berkowitz

John G. Weand

David W. Cooper

William Kuhfuss

Peter Walts

Michael Bernard

Rudolf G. Tellmann



Robert M. John



Robert M. John

Kyle Hallowell

Georgi Bernard

Michael Bernard

Peter Walts

David W. Cooper

Barry Fisher

Lester Blum

Scott Herbine

Rudy Tellmann



Doug Pfeil

Ed Cordenner



David W. Cooper



Richard Gerhardt

Robert M. John

Gary Luce

Douglas Gramp

David Cooper

Georgi Bernard

Michael Bernard

George Fesmire

Larry Wilks

Lester Blum

Kris Field

Robert Genn

William Kuhfuss

Peter Walts

Todd Cooper

Michael Balot

Craig Lauer

Stuart Gentry

Keith Grimes

Brian Dutill



Frank W. Kay                  1958

Fred G. Ewald                 1960

Richard Gerhardt            1965

Stoy Weaver                     1966

John G. Weand                1968

Stan Berkowitz                1977

Robert M. John                1978

Charles Spicer                 1980

Allen Kiel                         1982

Ray Luce                         1986

Ray Maund                      1987

David Cooper                   1988

Doug Gramp                     1994

Tim Thornburg                 2001

Ed Wilkowski                   2002

Daniel Murphy                2003

William Kuhfuss              2004

Steve Gilman                   2005

Michael Bernard              2006

Kris Field                        2007

Barry Fisher                    2008

Lester Blum                    2010

Craig Lauer                      2012

Rudy Tellman                  2016


In Memoriam

 Sadly, we have lost the following Scouters since our 60th anniversary.  Troop 3 wishes to thank these men for their service and dedication to the troop and also their families for sharing them with us.  As Scouters, we can only hope that we can serve and represent the ideal scout as well as these men did in their lifetime.

Doug Gramp

Ed Wilkowski

Owen Adams

Bill Walls

Rudy Tellman


Download  a copy of the history here: Troop History 70th Anniversary